Keys to Developing Internal Strength

What Exactly Is Internal Strength?

To Unify The Mind With The Body to Make What is Unconscious Conscious

It may sound esoteric and mystical and admittedly, it’s very easy to get caught up in ancient legend an lore. I have to confess that I’ve been there myself.

There’s no shortage of good writers and intellectual types that can spin a good tale of universal energy and mysticism sprinkled with a generous dose of supernatural nonsense.

Where I’m at on my own my journey into the internal is from a  more practical standpoint, although it’s no easy journey… So difficult and complex in fact that at one point I considered throwing in the towel in the face of sheer frustration at how comprehensive the training can be, at least under my current teacher.

I remember at the height of my frustration having already trained in internal arts for about 7 years at that point under different teachers thinking; is this guy just stringing me along to get his kids though college or what!

Then he said something, the first of many things that he’s said, that made a huge difference in my approach to the right way to learn internal arts and other things outside of marital arts at least from his perspective.

” Internal is Not About One Thing, But Many Things”

Sounds simple when I hear it now , but up until I had heard that, like many internal martial arts students on his journey, I got caught up in thinking some of the basic things you learn about flowing, yielding , knees not going past the big toes, not crossing your center line and lots of standing and sitting meditation along with a few principles was it.

Believing that if I did those things long enough I would eventually tap in to that mysterious chi energy that all those books talk about, and I would feel this new energy pulsing through my body taking me to new physical and mental heights.

Sure you’ll get some frame and sensitivity with those things, but that alone isn’t a high level of internal.  It’s not even an intermediate level . It’s actually just scratching the surface of the basic building blocks of the foundation of internal training.

I can’t count the amount of you tube videos that feature some Tai chi master demonstrating pushing hands with his complying student in a very slow smooth rhythmical motion then, the master suddenly and unexpectedly speeds up to attack the poor unsuspecting student.

” With Real Skill You Can Take The Big Door, No Need to Steal or Sneak A Hit”

Truth is, you don’t even need to be some sort of master to demonstrate capturing someones center of balance and center of mass though push hands.

What you do need is a deep understanding of bio-mechanical principles and how to apply them. There is also a difference in someone who can demonstrate martial arts techniques/principles as opposed to someone who can show how they really work with a non complying person.

I’m no master myself, but I certainly feel like my understanding of what real internal ability really is has gone up significantly over the years due to my experiences with master Chin.

Let me state at the outset also that my experience and what I perceive at my current level is just that; my experience . Some people may relate to what I’m saying and others may not. I hope to share some of the insights that I’ve learned and continue to learn in hopes of helping other students that may have similar struggles.

I remember many years ago when I came across an ad in a martial arts magazine that had me so hooked because the writing was so compelling at what this guys internal martial arts system was promising. I actually spoke with him over phone as well.

He proceeded to brag about how good he was at basically bouncing his students into a wall, and how one of his students that lived in NY where I had lived at that time allegedly told a well known Tai chi master  William CC Chen at a tournament that he thought his teacher could beat him .

Needless to say my BS detector was already on high alert with all of his bragging and laughing at the alleged students antics at someones tournament.  Of course all of his secrets were readily available through ordering his 2 tapes at a cost of drum roll… 300.00 bucks!.

The only people that probably benefited was the writer who got paid to write the ad and this giggling clown that made off with peoples hard earned money.

 One thing that I believe that may go against the traditional internal martial arts grain is that there are other martial arts other than the traditional  Chinese arts of Tai chi, Bagua, Xingyi  that utilize internal principles, they just don’t call what they do internal.

I won’t go into that on this post  but I will point out where I believe the similarities exist and how and why I incorporate them into what I do.


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