The Benefits of Standing Meditation

Meditation and the Power Of Standing Still

He’s Stubborn!

The elderly gentleman whispered to his wife , he obviously didn’t think I could hear him, or maybe he intended for me to hear, who knows . But I knew he was definitely talking about me.

I had taken my son to his Optometrist appointment that day and the waiting room chairs were all filled up to capacity that afternoon. So since I had to stand up and wait anyway, I decided to do some standing meditation and not just hold up the wall with my body.

I’ll just secretly practice some standing meditation albeit, without holding my arms out in any static postures though. If I did that the receptionist  may have offered me a referral to see another doctor.

To an outside observer standing like some weird statue might seems beyond ridiculous and valueless and if you do it outside you risk birds landing on you as a perch.

My wife could never understand how in the world I could break out into a sweat just standing still holding my arms up in various positions.

At my peak I could stand for close to an hour, and during the summer months I would stand on the plastic mat that we used to put under the baby’s high chair .

But of course to this day she’s never experienced  it for herself.

Most people that have experienced standing meditation such as standing for a half hour straight in a slightly sunken stance have experienced the shakes!, that’s when your legs start trembling, and you look like you may be ready to channel some trapped spirit that hasn’t crossed over or something.

It takes quite some time  gain the control to let go of the muscle tension to really relax your body. This is where that sweat comes from,  your body holding tension and gravity working against you as well, making  it all the more difficult to relax… getting knots in your lower back, arms and shoulders aching.

Hurts just thinking about it!

You know, gravity is a mother… Ever observe people waiting on any type of  line for a lengthy amount of time?

They’ll start to get jittery when gravity starts it’s thing on their bodies , immediately looking for the first thing to prop themselves up against.

I used to tell my wife how funny it would be seeing muscle bound guys trying to hold a static posture, no weight whatsoever mind you , just their own bodies. Talk about dropping like flies…

So I used this time to relay some tidbits of information about cultivating internal strength to my son and I tell him to stand like me without leaning against the wall  arms down by his sides.

He lasted until the first chair became available… a good 3 minutes maybe.

I decided to continue my meditation until the receptionist called my son to see the doctor. And that’s what the elderly gentleman just didn’t understand.

Why the heck would I be standing up when all of those chairs were available.

Although standing meditation has its major benefits, it’s only one part of overall training, at least from my perspective.

Part of what I believe we are trying to gain is more conscious control over our muscular skeletal system. If you’re just one big ball of muscle tension then there can be no awareness and development of yin and yang.

One thing that I  did noticed after standing pretty much everyday for a year was that  it had no effect on increasing my functional strength.I noticed this when after a year of concentrated effort, carrying my garbage cans to the curb just didn’t seem any easier.

Although I do have to admit that back at that time I didn’t have some of the finer details of coordinating the breath with the expansion of the yang surfaces with the contraction of the yin surfaces.

Many times I would just stand empty, fighting against the tension that would ultimately build up in certain places.

I wanted to enlighten that elderly gentleman about his snap judgment and let him know that no I’m not stubborn,  I was just trying to work on myself so I can be  a solid old dude in my golden years.  But I decided against it and just waited for my son to be called.


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