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Listening Power

This video clip that I stumbled upon is a great example of a clearly accomplished internal martial artist applying internal principles of movement in a grappling  type of situation. It’s hard at times to even detect  when the instructor is actually absorbing the force being directed into him.


His yielding is pretty clear from the clip, the wrestler makes a powerful move and the instructor flows with it while not allowing his structure to become compromised.

This is where I believe internal practitioners can grow within their respective arts.

Now, before  you get ready to jump all over me with those all too common internet rants like that wrestler was a   #$%!!!*%, or let me see him do it against a Division one wrestler or speculate what someone from  MMA or BJJ would have done . You see comments like this online everyday leveled at someone generous enough to post something.

All I’m saying is that this is an area for development among internal martial artists within this range.  A lot of internal stylists think their push hands will automatically transfer to good defense against a grappler.

You can only know really by touching with someone who is not trying to play your game. Because my there is the school of theory and the school of experience.

I kept looking at this instructors knee’s to see how much he was absorbing the incoming force down like a spring, didn’t detect much other than when he issued that fajing explosive force throwing the wrestler back causing him to lose his balance get slammed to the mat.

The person with the untrained eye will say things like the wrestler should have dropped down for a quick single or double and it would have been over quickly. Or a quick arms drag would have easily got the take down.

What I will tell you is how I’m able to counter what my main training partner does who has been wrestling since 6 years of age through high school and college in Free Style and Greco .

Look at the video again and look at the instructors arms; he  is directing and sensing the wrestlers force from his points of contact on the wrestlers arms just like an antenna picks up a signal.

This is some of what an internal martial artist is supposed to develop through all of the 2 person push hands training Listening Power .

When I don’t have the proper engagement force to my training partner, I can tell you without a doubt I will be taken down quick fast if I don’t get enough time to get to plan B and sprawl or C changing levels to low basin, which I very rarely do because once I lose the proper engagement energy I’m dealing with someone that can really wrestle, not some student attempting to wrestle!

But when I maintain that engagement and stay on his center, which isn’t easy by the way… he can’t shoot on me, especially If I can stay neutral, not even looking to attack him, it just becomes a type of thwarting force Peng.

I’ve heard more than once dude, “I can’t drop and get the take down on you”!

But here’s a secret that I told him to make it even more difficult for me that I’m going to share with you.

Practice putting your hands on a wall; you face the wall and just place your palms flat against the wall about shoulder height and a little wider that shoulder width apart.

You can work this with feet in a parallel stance and in a fighting stance one foot in front one in the back.

Now the exercise is to move your body from side to side and up and down ( changing levels) with your hands staying where you placed them on the wall; you getting me here?

Your hands don’t move only your body is moving around your hands. This has the effect of someone being able to touch you but you not telegraphing your intent through your arms hence making it more difficult for higher level internal practitioner to sense your movement.

This is one of the ways that you refine your movement; one of the the concepts in internal martial arts is to go from brute force and clumsy strength to becoming more bio mechanically effective and efficient.

The untrained eyes online don’t understand this so they’re always quick to chime in with endless rants and criticism how stuff like this is pure BS.

Truth be told, I used to be the same way… I didn’t always have the patience or the time to develop a deeper level until I experienced some levels of this stuff myself. Like I said there’s the school of theory and then there’s the school experience…


















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