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Combat Science Words of Wisedom

This is one of the big realizations that I had come to see as well which Mr. Lloyd Irving sums up in this video, detailing his experience speaking with a much older martial arts instructor who has trained in a large number of systems subsequently expanding Lloyd’s own view as it relates to combat science.

Watch as Lloyd describes what happened during a armedHome Invasion took place at his home, where family and other martial artists staying with him at the time lives were truly in danger.

Like I said in some of my other posts the more I continue to cross train the more I also see relationships between systems, which is some of the beauty of cross training.

It’s interesting to see things that you may have thought were only exclusive to your system only to find a more martial or different application of something you may have been doing for years but never really thought of beyond the way you were taught it.

Watch any YouTube martial arts demo video and you’ll see negative ego’s on full display as soon as someone posts. No shortage of critics to launch attacks at lightening speed.

All systems are good for the purpose that they were intended for, which is why Innovator and martial arts thought leader Bruce Lee said many years ago long before MMA; “Accept What Is Useful” and as the range changes so does the art.

Funny how so much of what he said decades ago comes back full circle in terms of the reality of any combative situation. But then again that’s why they are thought leaders.

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