Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Peng Energy

Sometimes even in the midst of a correct explanation of a principle there will be no shortage of critics or the clueless that just won’t get it.

The instructor or practitioner in this short video gives a great demonstration of how the body should be aligned to receive incoming force, the tucking of the pelvis helps create the curvature that allows the body to become more like a spring as long as the knee’s bend in relationship to the force being applied.

It’s this type of buoyancy that we are looking for, the same way that a beach ball bounces right back as it’s pushed into the water or a spring springs back as it’s pushed down on. This is the body mechanics of Tai Chi Peng Energy.

Clear demonstration of bio-mechanics, although it’s no easy feat in a intense combative situation it is however part of what we are aiming for in the internal process.

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