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Let me pay homage to the man who influenced me as well as a great many other martial artists, Chinese martial arts legend Bruce Lee.  I’ve been on this martial arts journey ever since cutting up that first broom stick as a kid to make my own version of Nunchaku sticks, just like Bruce Lee used on the big screen to take out the endless stream of bad guys.

Fast forward some thirty plus years later I’ve found myself acquiring effective self defense principles/techniques from a variety of martial arts that I’ve studied over the years such as Boxing, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Bagua, with a current emphasis these days on the internal  martial art of Iliqchuan and Submission Wrestling.

I hope to share my experiences on this journey of understanding what internal strength is and how to acquire real internal strength minus the mysticism and misinformation so rampant online and offline these days.  Hopefully as this site expands I can make new friends as well and share our experiences on this journey.

I believe  a statement that I came across some time ago in reading countless books still holds true to this day; ”  Spending Time Learning Internal Principles Can Produce a High Return on Your Investment  “. Not quite sure where I came across that actual statement, but as I recall, it was from someone who had invested years studying various martial arts which ironically is what I’ve found myself doing as well.

The value  is not only in learning high levels of bio mechanical efficiency and awakening dormant power through natural movement and sensitivity but ultimately, discovering the process of learning to connect and unify the mind with the body is the true treasure. The deeper your training , the more body centered and self aware you become.  And that’s way beyond just learning how to beat someone up,  in fact it’s the key component to self mastery and spiritual development.

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