Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Peng Energy

Sometimes even in the midst of a correct explanation of a principle there will be no shortage of critics or the clueless that just won’t get it. The instructor or practitioner in this short video gives a great demonstration of how the body should be aligned to receive incoming force, the tucking of the pelvis…

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The foundation of awareness is to learn to be mindful. Watch this scholarly discussion between several professionals from various fields of science. Hopefully you’ll find it as useful as I did. Enjoy!

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Filipino Martial Arts

I’ve recently been getting some training under my belt with the FMA systems (Filipino Martial Arts) over the last 6 mths or so. I had never really any thoughts about doing anything thing else other than a little submission wrestling to round out whatever else I’ve picked up over these past 29 years training in…

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Deep Work

I had the pleasure of working out with some Tibetan Hop Gar students recently which I thoroughly enjoyed aches and pains aside. I mentioned to my training partner who found out about the event through his BJJ class that I really liked their format and hoped to incorporate more of the Deep Work  Sifu Chris…

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listening for the direction of force

Listening Power

This video clip that I stumbled upon is a great example of a clearly accomplished internal martial artist applying internal principles of movement in a grappling  type of situation. It’s hard at times to even detect  when the instructor is actually absorbing the force being directed into him.   His yielding is pretty clear from…

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wrestling uses Tai Chi Principles ?

Wrestlers Use Tai Chi Principles?

In part one I talked about what I believe internal martial arts systems can bring to the table for additional development based on my experience. As I reflect back on my initial experiences in internal martial arts what stands out is what the guy who was to eventually become my first internal instructor had that…

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Kung fu School

Who Killed Kung Fu ?

I stumbled across a video sometime ago posted by world renowned Brazilian Jujitsu coach and rubber guard master Johnny Bravo responding to a question about who killed kung fu. Since I’ve been doing internal martial arts for about the past 14 years it made me stop and think about the question awhile. “The Truth Killed…

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The Benefits of Standing Meditation

Meditation and the Power Of Standing Still

He’s Stubborn! The elderly gentleman whispered to his wife , he obviously didn’t think I could hear him, or maybe he intended for me to hear, who knows . But I knew he was definitely talking about me. I had taken my son to his Optometrist appointment that day and the waiting room chairs were…

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The road to discovering internal principles

The Begining of my Journey Into Internal Martial Arts

” I don’t do any of that rehearsed shit like a lot of these martial arts teachers do “  the voice on the other line said soon after picking up the phone and talking about what he taught. “I’ll let you attack me unrehearsed with either hand.” I came across the flyer in a martial…

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Balance and Harmony

What Exactly Is Internal Strength? PT 2

Ever try to pickup a toddler when they just didn’t want to be picked up ? Somehow they instinctively know how to drop in the opposite direction to resist being picked up, thereby making themselves feel like they weigh twice as much as they do. What about a child that has a full blown temper…

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